Water Flosser Reviews By Dentists: My Best Pick & Choice For 2019

This guide consists of some the best waterpik reviews recommends by dentist and can help you find the right unit. Read details article for more information.

Whether you like it or not, oral hygiene is daily culture to practice. Why many sort for different ways and techniques to improve their flossing needs with ease, water flossing seems to be the most convenient method. To some people, the term water flossing maybe a new words. Hope I will not be reminding you back in the High School when we use to learn new English words. All the same, water flossing is an oral hygiene method that involves the use of water and a waterpik device to floss the mouth, teeth and gumline.

Although, it may sound strange how possible will just a stream of water help clean the mouth. Well, water flossing is not a replacement for toothbrush. The need to water floss should be a complimentary way to achieve a better oral health. The reason, because there are some areas in your mouth a toothbrush can’t reach. However, if there is food particles stock in such area, it means it will not be removed. Therefore, over time may result to plaque buildup. However, with the use of a waterpik flosser between each dental floss helps get rids of the food remains.

How is it possible?

Since a waterpik device releases a gentle stream of water at a comfortable settings, helps in the removal of the food remains. The water also being released reaches all corners in the mouth ensuring in a whole mouth (teeth and gum-line) is clean. There other reasons to try the use of a water flosser, so if you would like to try it today, my waterpik reviews is opened for you to choose a unit for yourself.

In recent years, in the United States, the waterpik brand of water flosser is a common brand among households being recommended by dentist which I advise you to take a look at here.

Top 5 Best Water Flosser Reviews By Dentist List

This review list consisting of 5 best water flosser mostly recommended by dentist and so will help you in getting a unit that comply to your pressure level requirement for differ individual. Follow me as I show you the products below

1. WP-940 Waterpik Ortho Care with Sonic Toothbrush

The wp-940 comes in the number one spot in my list of waterpik reviews by dentist. Following statistics of people who had one time visits their dentist for dental oral health hygiene when it comes to a waterpik usage, the Ortho Care water flosser is one unit suggested by different Dentists to their patient. So you will never go wrong today picking this waterpik 940 product as your best choice for the money. Another reason why I recommend this unit because of the high customer reviews it feature on amazon amounting up to 6000+ reviews. That is to show the mark of acceptance among users. So you will not go wrong choosing it as in deal unit. Also, the waterpik Ortho Care wp-940 is highly okay for cleaning around braces


  • It comes with 2 Orthodontic tips
  • One Classic tip
  • One plaque seeker
  • One standard brush for all areas cleaning
  • 1 compact brush head for deep cleaning
  • Toothbrush travel case
  • Orthodontic wax

My Likes

  • Clinically tested to removes plaque up to 99% from treated areas.
  • Up to 50% more effective to maintain healthy gum than string floss.
  • It combines both toothbrush and water flosser technologies for a thorough cleaning and this also saves cost of getting separate water flosser or toothbrush.
  • Quick removal of food debris within seconds with from gum line, around braces and strings and others.
  • Features orthodontic wax that’s relieves sensitive teeth or discomfort around wires or bracket

2. Waterpik WP-950 Complete Care 7.0 + Sonic Toothbrush

This is another reliable unit from the waterpik company and it is the higher version of the WP-960. Although, they have similar design and features but yet the WP-950 comes with some special features not available in the previous model. The added features make it different but at the same times come with higher price tag. However, with this updated version, you can achieve all flossing and brushing needs in a small and convenient device that is space saving. One unique feature, the water control is located on the waterflosser handle for easy access eliminating need of hustle during flossing. Another relevant reason to consider the wp950 model, you can choose a unique water pressure level and also feature pulsations action for deep cleaning between teeth and underneath gum-line thereby helping in the removal of hidden harmful bacteria. Most relevant health benefits, it’s perfect for individuals with crown, braces, implants, bridges and other dental works.


  • One sonic toothbrush included
  • 1 orthodontic tip
  • 1 plaque seeker
  • One Pik Pocket tip
  • Two classic jet tips
  • Two standard brush heads
  • Two compact brush heads
  • Sonic toothbrush travel case
My likes
  • Within 14 days of use, can help reverse or reduce gingivitis problems
  • Effective plaque removal to keep healthier gum
  • Works more better than string floss
  • Plenty of tips to meet your flossing needs
  • It is space saving on your counter top
  • It requires power outlet which is not really a problem as it designed to use electricity.
  • Not ideal for traveling.
  • Recommends for use in United States Only

3. Waterpik Sidekick Water Flosser

The sidekick waterpik comes on the third position which is also from the waterpik brand. But at this time, this product from them comes in a different appearance featuring ultra compact design making it suitable for counter top with little spaces. With its portable water flosser, you can meet personal flossing anywhere and time. Because the sidekick is easy to use, package for storage and also makes traveling load free. So if you intend embarking on a journey and you are thinking of integrating water flossing device alongside, think of the waterpik sidekick as the best offer.


  • Great for bathroom with limited space
  • Fits easily into any briefcase or pulse storage making it ideal for travel needs
  • Swivel handles that provides access to all mouth areas
  • Ideals for teeth and below gum-line cleansing
  • Premium storage case
  • It can be use anywhere in the world as it meets global voltage requirement.
My Like

If you are in need of waterpik flosser brand for traveling, the Sidekick model from them is convenient for this need. It is easy to use and package for trips. Also, dentist or dental clinics Okays it for dental patients. In addition, doesn’t take much space.

4. Waterpik WP-952 Complete Care 7.0

The wp-952 complete care is in the family of the previous two models of waterpik I reviewed on this list which is WP940 and WP950 respectively. So, they feature similar specs and working process. However, this complete care 7.0 device comes in a black color which most people likes. It is space saving and require one power outlet for use. Also with this device, you can brush and water floss as it comes with a sonic toothbrush.


  • Sonic toothbrush
  • 1 orthodontic tip
  • 1 Pik Pocket tip
  • 2 classic jet tips
  • 1 plaque seeker
  • 2 standard brush heads
  • 2wo compact brush heads
  • Sonic travel case for toothbrush
My likes
  • Within 14 days of use, can help reverse or reduce gingivitis problems
  • Removes plaque effectively.
  • Better results compare to string flossing
  • Plenty of tips to meet your flossing needs
  • It is space saving on your counter top
  • Can only be use in North America
  • Uses electricity

5. Hydro Floss New Generation Oral Irrigator

Still on my top 5 best water flosser reviews recommends by dentist list, comes the hydro floss new generational oral irrigator. The oral irrigator is good for crowns, bridges etc, cleaning. With its pulsating power, it gently massages the gums and also further removes hidden debris. On the market, the Hydro floss is the few magnetic oral irrigators that has been tested clinically and proven for gingival tissue. You can rely on this product if you’re experiencing bleeding and swollen gums. More details provided below .


  • 4 color jet tips available with holder
  • Pulsating stream
  • 1200 pulses per minute
  • Pulse button designed on the handle
  • Adjustable pressure for comfort floss
  • 800ml measured reservoir
  • Highest pressure at 60 psi
My Likes
  • Perfect for implants, braces, periodontal pocket, veneers and more dental wares
  • Back up with one year warranty
  • As a magnetic irrigator is 44 percent more effective than non-magnetic oral irrigator according to clinical studies


So far, I have shared with you my top 5 waterpik reviews recommended by dentist which I think may be of help for those looking for a dentist recommends water flossers device. Pick anyone from the list today will help you in achieving a state-of health dental care daily. I hope you choose wisely from the list.

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