The Best Waterpik for Kids and Periodontal Gum Diseases Review 2019

Only few parents in the United State knows the usefulness of waterpik for kids as other parents think is a device for the adults only. Maybe most parents feel kids are too young and therefore, may not have a sense of handling a waterpik properly. However, just as a water pik is as important to the grown up people. So it is to children, especially kids who do wear braces. In addition, with the increasing trend of kids having gum diseases globally. It therefore call for a waterpik solution to reduce this statistics. I have therefore research and come up with a good waterpik product specifically designed to be use by kids. So if you are interested in helping your kid keep a healthy gum free of periodontal disease, then take a close look at the entire details of this article as prevention is better than cure.Gum Disease in Children Vs Use of Waterpik

Gum disease results from food particles and bacteria that build up in between the teeth thereby forming sticky plaque overtime. Plaques are build up food remains usually seen in the gum line. Plaque can be dark or appear in other color. However, as the plaques accumulate with time, it becomes hardens forming tartar while spreading over the entire gumline if left untreated. The danger here, the plaque makes the gum to be swollen and reddish. And if the condition is still over-looked, further cause children to loosed their teeth because of the damage it causes to the bone and tissue underneath their teeth. Although, most studies concludes that it is rare for children to have a severe form of gum-disease. However, it’s common for children to have the mild form of the disease known as gingivitis.

To know that your child is having the tendency of developing periodontal disease (gum disease), here are the symptoms to look out for: bleeding, bad breath, puffiness and recession. The American academy of periodontology also highlight the types of periodontal diseases in children for more details.

In the meantime, I know quite well. You don’t want your kids to lose their teeth due to negligence of proper oral hygiene. And so you would want to do anything possible to protect them for their tomorrow dreams having good looking teeth to face the crowd. With this view, I then suggest my one and only waterpik recommended by a dentist for kids for your awareness below.

Review of The Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids, WP-260

If you think of the best floss for kids, think of this wp-260 model designed for children flossing. The unit is easy to use, provide more effective results and at the same time, provide fun way for children to practice daily floss.

Most importantly, children who wear braces will find the device for enhance methods to meet their flossing need.Who can use it? The waterpik 260 unit is designed for kids starting from 6 years of age and above. However, children below the aforementioned number cannot use it. 

Benefits of Using this Product

  • It is clinically proven to be 3 times more effective for plaque removal around braces compared to strings floss with its orthodontic tip.
  • Clinically tested to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of plaque from treated region within three-seconds.
  • Also proven to provide a healthier gum up to 50 percent than traditional dental floss
  • It helps removes debris and plaque deeply between children teeth and underneath their gum line where traditional flossing and brushing can’t reach effectively.
  • It stimulates and massages the gums to improve blood circulation and keep kids gums healthy.
  • Makes children mouth clean and guarantees fresh breathing.
  • Healthier gums guaranteed within two weeks of using the WP 260 waterpik for kids


  • Has 20 Fun Decals kids love
  • Attractive color and compact design
  • Three pressure settings for kids to determine the pressure level (low, medium and high) that is comfortable for him or her.
  • It comes with two tip flossing tips
  • Has a water reservoir that last for up to 1 minute-plus.
  • The reservoir can also be turned-up-side-down for hygienic storage.
  • It can be use with any voltage worldwide.

What I like about the unit?

The unit is safe for kids as it comes in a Kid proof electrical design and also a 3 pressure level to choose for comfortable floss. Also, with 2 year warranty, means peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry about your child damaging the kid waterpik on time.

What’s the Down Side?

It only comes with two tips which may not be enough for parents with more two kids.Great Customers Feedback

A customer on amazon reviewed that after 6 months of purchasing the wp 260 model. It develops a problem and its stopped working but was actually replaced with another unit. That’s means, waterpik brand is one company you should patronize when it comes to water flosser as they guarantee customers satisfaction even after purchase as long the warranty still remind valid

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