5 Best Electric Toothbrushes for Healthy Teeth: Guide and Reviews

A major routine of daily hygiene includes brushing the teeth. So important that Dentists recommends brushing more than once a day. However, the need for an appropriate toothbrush cannot be overemphasized, neither is the right technique for brushing. This is because using a bad brush or brushing wrongly will leave your gum and enamel feeling sour. There is also the chance of ineffective brushing that could lead to tartar buildup, mouth odor and diseases.

Also, as brushing becomes a routine, the tendency to multitask with it rises. We may engage with our phones to check mails, browse a website or even carry out small chores inside or around the bathroom while brushing. These situations take our attention from the matter at hand and cause us to do a haphazard job with our teeth (lack of consistency or thoroughness with it). A timely solution to this problem is with the manufacture of electric tooth brushes.

Electric brush defimition

Unlike manual brushes, electric brushes are automated brushes that are either rechargeable or battery powered. An Electric brush cleans the teeth by making rapid automatic bristle oscillation or rotation-oscillation motions. Once they are placed in the mouth, the brush oscillates and vibrates, cleaning deep into the teeth without much effort from you.

Another beautiful thing about these types of brushes is that they come with added features to give you an even healthier teeth experience. Even so, they make multi-tasking while brushing seamless.

Benefits of Electric Tooth Brush

  • Electric toothbrushes are able to penetrate all part of the teeth. They have specially formulated bristles and pressure control mechanics to achieve deep cleaning for your teeth.
  • With electric brush, you do not need to worry about following the right techniques to achieve optimal results; this set of brushes do the job easily for you.
  • Some digital electric brushes have apps or reminders that notify you on regular brushing habit.
  • They help people with disabilities, illness, orthodontics, dental work, veneers, and implant material on their teeth to reach all the hard-to-access spots, and use the correct motion and pressure to clean teeth without much effort from them.
  • Good for children, elderlies and the invalids. Also highly active individuals can multi-task easily with electric tooth brush.

Electric Brush Vs Manual Brush

Manual brushes are not a total write off; given the right pressure, motion and technique they should do as good a job like the electric brush. However, Dentist still advice their patients to opt for electric brush because of the added advantage they have. These advantages can be summarized into:

  • Effectiveness: Electric brushes are proven to remove more plague and gingivitis because they function mechanically and follow the required technique and motion that enhances deep cleaning.
  • Electric brushes are kid friendly: Electric brushes can easily create a healthy dental routine for children as it makes brushing fun and easy.
  • Good option for the aged and disabled: people with mobility problem or have a hard time keeping steady will immensely enjoy the simplicity that the electric brushes bring to their dental health.
  • It has features that are beneficial for a general oral health. Features as timer, pressure indicator, massage mode etc. all enhance your oral hygiene.

Reviews of Our Best Electric Toothbrushes –Top 5 Guide For Consumers

With so much said already, it is also pertinent to discuss about the best electric brushes available in the market for you to get your money’s worth. This review is also meant to save you research time. Instead, it is our aim that information here leads you straight to the right purchase suitable for your need.

1. Philips Sonicare Essential Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush

The power-reach tip at the top of the Philip Sonicare brush cleans hard-to-reach areas, and the high bristle count helps the brush maintain constant contact with your teeth for improved cleaning. With its sonic technology, Philip Sonicare delivers 31,000 brush strokes per minute for faster and deeper teeth cleaning.

It’s also a good brush for those who have orthodontic works like braces. Other of its amazing features includes:

  • Cleans in two modes: Clean (Suitable for deep cleaning the teeth) and Massage (made to gently clean and stimulate your gum).
  • It has a Snap-on Brush head that are curved to match the shape of the teeth and enhance effective plaque removal.
  • There is a Blue light reminder that fades into white as a means to prompt you that the brush head is due for changing (every 3 months is recommended).
  • The battery is optimized to last up to 2 weeks; there is also a light indicator for when it needs recharging.
  • Its Smart timer feature times you to brush for 2 minutes as recommended by dentist and its Quadpacer is meant to notify to move to another part of the mouth.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it easy to grasp. It is made with materials that encourage easy cleaning and maintenance.

Kit includes: Two chargers, Two travel cases, Three brush heads (two ProResults plaque control and one DiamondClean) and Two rechargeable toothbrushes.

2. Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Power Rechargeable Battery Toothbrush Automatic

With its professionally designed CrosssAction brush headOral-B Pro 1000 Electric Power Rechargeable Toothbrush is unique from the rest. This unique brush head is to ensure that every corner of your teeth is reached so that up to 300% plaque is removed from your gumline. Its CrissCross bristles are set at a 16 degree angle to reach deep between teeth for superior cleaning.

Its in-handle timer pulses notify you every 30 second to change to another quadrant of your mouth as its 3D action oscillates, pulsates and rotates around your teeth. The timer also alerts you once the recommended 2 minutes of brushing as prescribed by the dentist is reached.

It also features a pressure sensor to notify you when unusual pressure is being applied on the teeth and stops pulsating to protect your gum. It has just 1-mode daily cleaning capable of giving you all-round cleanliness and protection.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 brush head can work with the following Oral B brushes: CrossAction, Deep Sweep, Floss Action, 3DWhite, Precision Clean, Sensitive, Dual Clean, Power Tip, and Ortho.

Its Battery is estimated to last up to 7 days on a single recharge.

Kit includes: 1 Oral-B Professional Handle, 1 CrossAction Brush Head and a Charger

3. Oral B 1000 Professional Deep Sweep Twin Pack Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

This is yet another product from Oral B, the Deep sweep electric brush has a brush head that vibrates at a 48,800 a minute; this is to ensure that all dirt, trapped food, plaque, tartar and the likes hanging around the crannies of your teeth are dislodged and washed out.

This effective cleaning is made possible through its multi-length brush head design. For while the longer bristles take root deep into your teeth, the shorter bristles cleans and polish the surface. And this division of labour ensures that all part of your teeth becomes evenly clean and healthy.

It features Visual red light alert serving as pressure check for when you brush too hard; Quadrant pacing timers for 30 seconds rotational prompting and a display for battery charge level.

Kit includes: two electric toothbrush handles with separate charging stations. And one extra brush head for each handle.

4. Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults with Wireless Charging Base

This pink ultrasonic electric brush from Sonic is made from high quality nano materials and can stand the presence of water (When showering or faucet-cleaning) without getting damaged.

It also features an inductive wireless charging base to prevent electric shock and for convenience. The sonic electric brush can last up to 3 week after 16 hours single charge.

Unlike other electric brushes with one charging mode, the Sonic electric brush features 4 brushing modes, they include:

  • Clean: for daily brushing needs
  • Whitening: for removing stains on the surface of the teeth in just 2 minutes
  • Polish: used for stimulating and massaging the gums
  • Gum care: this mode is for customers with very sensitive gum and teeth.

Fast plaque removal: its ultrasonic technology ensures super-fast brush strokes (38,000 per minute) capable of removing 10 times more plaque than manual brushes.

Safety measures: its 2 minutes smart timer and 30 seconds alert notifies you to brush round all corners of the mouth and for the accepted duration of 2 minutes.

Kit includes: One Brushing Handle, 2 Brush Heads, a charging base and User Manual

5. Triple Bristle Sonic Duo Electric Toothbrush

The Triple Bristle Sonic Duo Electric Toothbrush is an electric brush that employs a special 3 sided sonic surround bristle for a deeper, cleaner and brighter wash. It’s perfect 45degrees angles target the gumline to rid it off teeth debris before they give rise to periodontal diseases.

It is a brush carefully designed with the supervision of dentists and loved globally for its effectiveness. It is also highly recommended by dentists because of the overall health it gives to the teeth and gumline of their patients.


  • The handle of the brush is designed with functionality and ease in mind. It is perfect for people with arthritis, caregivers, autistics and special needs patients (achievable through its ergonomic design).
  • It is portable and saves space: the charger measures 6” by 3” which enables it fit perfectly into any space, while its long cord helps to position the charger.
  • Also has a 2 Minute Timer (which ensures that you brush for the recommended time prescribed by dentist) and a 30 Second Quadrant Zone Timer (to ensure that you cycle around all the areas in the mouth for holistic cleaning.)
  • Its rechargeable batteries last about 10 days
  • It is an electronic brush that produces 31,000 Vibrations per minute for a faster, deeper and cleaner wash.

Included in the kit are: 2 Handles, 4 Toothbrushes, Dual Charger with 2 Brush Head Holders, 2 Tongue Cleaners, 4 Color Toothbrush and Instruction Manual.

In Conclusion,

Manual brushes are totally a bad idea, but they too have their limitations, limitations fully covered by electric brushes. Using an electric brush is highly recommended by dentist because of the added advantage it gives to your oral health. They are good for dental works and also for people who have mobility or disability issues. Also electric brush makes brushing fun, a good option for your kids and family if you want to spend less on visits to the dentist.

Not forgetting all the amazing features all meant to improve your brushing experience and oral hygiene.

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